Electrochemical Etch-Stop (ECES)

Wafer Holders with electrical contacts and dedicated potentiostats

Wafer holder series

Wafer holders for single wafers with electrical contacts for etch-stop

Complete set of platinum net and pseudo-reference electrodes for etch-stop

MEMS Potentiostat

Compact potentiostat with special features for electrochemical etch-stop

Multi-channel potentiostat for medium- to large scale manufacturing


Complete solutions for electrochemical etch-stop processes. The electrochemical etch-stop is one of the most cost-effective, convenient and precise technique for fabricating thin, mono-crystalline silicon membranes. It is based on the different etching potentials of n- and p-type doped silicon layers in alkaline etching solutions, such as potassium hydroxide (KOH).

Two key components are needed for successful implementation of this technique:

  • a reliable wafer holder that protects the n-type backside of the wafer from the etchant and that provides an electrical contact to the wafer
  • a potentiostat that keeps the p/n-junction in reverse bias and monitors the current over time

AMMT offers a wide range of wafer holders and potentiostat especially adapted to electrochemical etch-stop processes for MEMS fabrication to assure highest yield and reliability. Our devices have been used in industry and research institutes worldwide for many years and have proven their high engineering quality.

For details on these wafer holders, please see the product pages.