Electrochemical Etch-Stop

Wafer Holders with electrical contacts and dedicated potentiostats

Wafer holder series

Wafer holders for single wafers with electrical contacts for etch-stop

Complete set of platinum net and pseudo-reference electrodes for etch-stop

MEMS Potentiostat

Compact potentiostat with special features for electrochemical etch-stop

Multi-channel potentiostat for medium- to large scale manufacturing


Electrochemical Etch-Stop, Wafer holder series: Electrode set

Platinum electrode sets for electrochemical etch-stop.

AMMT’s electrode sets turn our wafer holders into complete solutions for electrochemical etch-stop processes. The electrode set can be quickly mounted onto our holders and consists of:

  • a platinum net electrode in the size of the wafer mounted in parallel to the wafer surface
  • a platinum pseudo-reference electrode to measure the potential of the etching solution

Electrode sets for our Tandem wafer series have two of each electrode for separate control of the etching process of each wafer. Electrical connections to the potentiostat are made via gold-plated standard plugs at the end of the set handle.


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