Electrochemical Etch-Stop

Wafer Holders with electrical contacts and dedicated potentiostats

Wafer holder series

Wafer holders for single wafers with electrical contacts for etch-stop

Complete set of platinum net and pseudo-reference electrodes for etch-stop

MEMS Potentiostat

Compact potentiostat with special features for electrochemical etch-stop

Multi-channel potentiostat for medium- to large scale manufacturing


Electrochemical Etch-Stop, Wafer holder series: Single EC

Wafer holder single series EC.

The Single series wafer holders are designed for single-side etching processes requiring electrically contacting the wafers back side.

Single series wafer holders are used for more than 15 years in MEMS industry and research and have convinced over 100 users of their reliability and engineering quality. SingleEC type wafer holders are equipped with two gold-plated, spring-loaded electrical contacts for electrochemical etching of silicon. The contact positions are customer specific and are placed according to user requirements. Additional contacts can be added upon request.

The wafer is sealed by a double precision O-ring system that reduces mechanical stress on the wafer to a minimum. A cover ring on the front side holds the wafer in place. As the customer specific wafer thickness is machined as a recess into the cover ring, all screws can be tightened using a regular wrench without sensitivity to the applied torque. This assures a minimum of mechanical stress to the fragile wafer.

SingleEC wafer holders are available for 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” wafers. Please inquire for other wafer sizes or individual outline dimensions.

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